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Sustainability Pouch Challenge

Design and make something useful from your scraps.  Sounds like a challenge that is perfect for me, and my Yr 8 students.

Here’s how it is starting – don’t really have an idea how it will end:

Seniors’ Tote Bags

These bags just started from an idea of shape, and a pile of scraps.  Loving the clip on handles from Fifi’s Fabricology.  Hope the bags are useful at Uni and remind the students of their House Group.

Cadence Court

This is a foundation paper-pieced block of the month pattern from Sassafras Lane Designs.  I haven’ started it yet but plan to do to start it soon – once I’ve chosen the fabric 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 3.05.30 pm

Chuck Nohara

Lorena Uriarte is one of my favourite teachers.  The class at Fifi’s Fabricology was informative and relaxing and I know I have started a project that will take me years to complete – but what joy in the making 🙂 MO-Chuck-Nohara-Class


AQC 2019 Melbourne

Australasian Quilt Convention

April 11-14, Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Australia.

Four days with Susan Carlson studying her techniques for fabric collage – can’t wait!


Quiltcon 2019 – Nashville

A group from the BMQG will attend quiltcon and are pinning their hopes of success on a group project – Heart Reef.

FMQ Ideas – Allover Designs

fmq allover 1

Simple but beautiful. For this to be really effective draw a grid on the fabric before you start sewing.

fmq allover 2

Be as accurate as possible and hit the same centre point for each flower.

FMQ Ideas – Blocks

Grid Squiggle - great for a variety of block sizes

Grid Squiggle – great for a variety of block sizes

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FMQ Ideas – Borders

Drag, and hold, the designs over the yellow border shape to see what it will look like if quilted this way…. (I am working on how to get them to stay together…)

boarder smooth arcs

smooth arcs


boarder arcsboarderboarder angles

FMQ Inspiration

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This post brings together a collection of Free Motion Quilting designs I like. They are drawn from a variety of sources which I will acknowledge were I can…

Lori Kennedy Quilts

From Doodle to Design