This site is still ‘under-construction’ and will be fully up and running soonish…that is, when I stop quilting and make some time to work in it!


Although this device (pictured right) was quite old when I first encountered it, many years have passed and much has changed in the world of Technology – so here I go; ready to embrace a more modern technology and try my hand at a website…

This site will be about one of my favourite things: Quilting (although shopping does come a close second).  Ideally it will help clarify my thoughts on this rather vast topic and bring together the range of skills I’ve learned over the last few years.  Hopefully it will help me plan out new projects this year – 2016.

I think I need to explore two main areas:

  1. Quilt Inspiration – which covers a variety of Patchwork Quilts and techniques for making these and
  2. Free Motion Quilting – a variety of possible designs I can use to quilt my projects.

(In doing this I’m sure to develop my technology skills along the way too…)

So, stay tuned if you dare, the year ahead may bring some very Calm Quilting…

Beautiful Jacaranda trees herald our summer...

Beautiful Jacaranda trees herald our summer…


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