Hi, I’m Judith – The Calm Quilter.  This site is about one of my favourite things: Quilting. After a lifetime of dressmaking and designing I discovered quilting!  Now it’s almost all I think about 🙂

I’ve created this to organise my thoughts on quilting and share a range of skills and resources learned and gathered over the last few years.  Hopefully it will inspire me, and maybe you, and help plan a few new projects this year.

It will cover the following areas:

  1. Quilt Projects Underway – a pictorial diary of what I am working on at the moment, and in the past, to help motivate myself to get things finished.
  2. Quilt Class and Travels – ones I have undertaken and enjoyed
  3. Books and Patterns – ones I love and have found helpful.
  4. Quilt Inspiration – which covers a variety of Patchwork Quilts and techniques for making these and
  5. Free Motion Quilting – a variety of possible designs I can use to quilt my projects.

So, stay tuned, there will be some very Calm Quilting happening here

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