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Fabric ‘Audition’Task

On to first task of making a ‘test’ sample.  Following the simple instructions from The Splendid Sampler I finished within a few hours, with only one minor modification (the addition of D-Rings to hold the ruler in place).

The fabrics have come together quite well – I know I need to buy a few more of the lighter tones if I am going to achieve my aim of making a ‘Calm Quilt’ but then that will be just a bit more fun in the coming weeks.


Fabric Choices

This can be the tricky part.  I want the quilt to reflect a feeling of ‘Calmness’ – this usually says pale blues or greens (drawn from water or the ocean) but I’m thinking ‘Beige’…

After determining that there were no pre-cut bundles that were going to drop into my lap, or on to my cutting table, with any degree of ease I would have to go hunting the shelves myself; ho-hum.

After spending an hour or so drawing fabric bolts from the shelves, and putting just as many back, I had made my selection.  It was a start and I was surprisingly pleased with how well I think I did.

These few items are just a start – I will certainly need to add to them but they will be fine to start the ‘Fabric Audition’ task for The Splendid Sampler.

Now off I go to get started 🙂IMG_2290

My Splendid Sampler

Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson have come up with a Splendid Idea – to do a Splendid Sampler!  We are all invited to join in – so I have!  These Posts will track my progress – if you would like to join in too and do one yourself go to their The Splendid Sampler webpage.

Thank you to these two very talented ladies for taking the time to make this fun project.  I am sure I will learn heaps of new skills, connect with many exceptionally talented quilt designers, and end up with a beautiful quilt at the end.

Stay tuned…

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